A woman brought her dog to me to have his nails clipped. I bent down to pick something up while asking her to put her dog on the grooming table. Before I realized, she had thrown her poor dog on his back onto the table. In shock, I asked her what on earth for she had slammed the dog on the table like a wet rag and she said I had told her to do so. I explained that I instructed her to place the dog to stand on the table, not on his back. She told me that that was how she always did it at home. I told her that that is not how we do things at the groomers and that we do not wrestle with anyone’s dog, and besides, the dog does not like it. She insisted that that was the only way to get the job done. If she knew how to do it, why did she bring the dog to the groomers? I instructed her to raise the dog onto his feet so that I could cut his nails. It only took a few minutes and the nails were done. The woman was very surprised that the dog’s nails were cut, while we carried on our conversation.

kudotaan 012

As you can see, the dog is not afraid of the nail clippers.
It is very important to spread the word that a dog does not need to be thrown on his back, does not need to be wrestled with and does not need to be put to sleep by a vet or have several people hold him for this procedure. It is a simple technique that anyone willing to learn can pick up. All one needs is to forget prehistoric methods taught by someone, who knows, learned from someone else, who knows… Today we no longer need that torture method from the Dark Ages. Everyone I have spoken to, says that the clipping of dog’s nails is very difficult. It does not need to be when you know how to go about it. People who say this, have not taken the time to learn from someone, who actually does it for a living. You too can learn.

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