A dog is a dog whether it is a family dog, a show dog, work dog or something else. It is a member of the family and he should know his place and have his rights like the rest of the family. I often hear show dogs pitied and peoples’ comments about their dog being a family dog and not having to attend dog shows to be accepted. Many people feel this way without knowing how much dogs enjoy being the center of attention. Show dogs often get a lot more attention than family dogs. This is because dog shows have rules that need to be followed if the dogs are to do well and they need to be clean and well cared for. Too often I see dogs with poop hanging from their behind and with rotten teeth. Fortunately many owners bring these dogs to be groomed and they get washed and cleaned at least once a year, although it would deserve to be taken care of much more often. A dog should be groomed regularly just like all of us. If this does not happen, the dog’s coat gets caked up and he will not feel well. It is worthwhile to take a look in the dog’s mouth regularly and to give him a good overall glance. A couple of outings a day and a bowl of food is not good dog care.

To teach my daughter about dogs, I have included her in my dog care from an early age. She has groomed her own toy dog while I groom mine. I have to admit that she has gone through a huge number of these toy dogs while “trimming” them several times over, but to me it is a lesser evil than if she had not been along. Together we have prepared the dogs for shows as well as for home and the results have only been positive. She has learned to take care of the dogs on their own terms and in a way that the dogs enjoy and at the same time give pleasure to her. Even though we have always had dogs, she feels that she needs to have a dog that belongs only to her!
Poodles have to be groomed regularly. They like being handled but it all has to be done in such a way that they do not get hurt. Our dogs are always envious of the one dog being groomed and park themselves as close as possible to me when I´m grooming any one of them because each one enjoys being the center of attention.

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