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It is my great pleasure to have had the opportunity to interview my dear friend Jana, whom I am so proud of and honoured to call my friend. I´m sure you will all enjoy and get wonderful insights from the below interview.


Jana Vavroušková:

1. What is your secret for being so successful with so many different dogs in so many different countries?
Well, I´m not sure if this is a „secret“. The answer is very simple. I have huge respect, love and devotion to each of my dogs and and they give that all back to me, as in normal everyday life as at shows.

2. How do you choose a new puppy? What do you look for?
I´m thinking now if I have ever done any choice. As so much can change during the development it´s better not to think much. I just use my heart and intuition. And work properly with the puppy from the very beginning. I´ve latest found great opportunity how to safely get a puppy used to various breeds from the smallest to the largest. I attend „puppy kindergartgen“ which is for puppies from three to six months. Very important period for a dog! All puppies there are similar age so they can deal with each other easily. This puppy kindergarten, where a puppy has its first steps in agility and obedience, is gradually followed by obedience courses which only supports the co-operation with a dog.

3. Any grooming tips?
Grooming is very much matter of practising and experience. My goal is to create well balanced and natural result. It´s not usefull to make any extremes there. Less is more…

4. What is your goal after having so much success?
Success is only temporary… My goal is to breed healthy dogs and always find nice homes for them. Only a healthy dog can be happy and bring sunshine to it´s family. It´s a pity that many people see solely success and winnings… not realizing that any title or championship doesn´t prolong a dog´s life even for an hour…

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5. Your happiest moments in the ring?
I´m always happy when we both (me and a dog) enjoy our performance. Doesn´t matter the result. Besides many wonderful and unforgettable winnings, probably the biggest success, a breeder can achieve, is to win WORLD WINNER title together with BEST OF BREED with a dog bred, owned, groomed and shown by one person…myself… Accidentally this dog has just suitable name for my dreams come true… Dream Catcher Starring Moravia „Emil Jr.“

6. Tips for training a dog to be happy in the ring year after year after year?
I´ve already written that above. Just pure love and devotion we give to each other with my dogs during everyday´s life brings the happiness we can spend the time together…also in the show rings.

7. What are your methods for question No. 6?
I know each of my dog very well I know their nature, their feelings, I know how I can cheer them up. I always have to take into an account that shows are extremely demanding not only for the owner but also for a dog. I never let my dog stand for hours on a grooming table at shows. I always try to shorten this time as much as possible. I´m so sorry to see many dogs standing on a table at shows since the early morning all day long to be groomed to the extreme. It´s a pity that some judges appreciate more grooming finish than real quality. Dog shows are not grooming competitions… I´m glad the new breed standard mentions that fact in the section about grooming!

8. Anything you would like to share with other dog owners?
Dogs are amazing creatures and we should respect them in every way. They will certainly appreciate that!

E jr happy

9. What products are your favourites and and how do you use them? 2-3 products
I´ve tried so many different products during the years so it´s difficult to choose just only few of them. Lately I´ve been using Australian „Plush Puppy“ products. Body building shampoo for volume for show grooming and Natural Conditioning Shampoo with Evening Primrose together with Natural Silk Protein Conditioner for „in between shows“ maintenance. Mustn´t forget Plush Puppy „OMG“ spray.

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