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The puppies enjoyed sleeping and playing on the magnetic mats


When Fiona (Canmoys´s First Things First) had her puppies, I tried something new. Having read all the research, history and case studies by Dr. h.c. Petra Döring in her books: More energy for you!, Animal Wellbeing and The Power of Magnets (Magnetic Jewellery Publishing) I was totally convinced that the magnets can only improve the mum´s and her litter´s wellbeing.
First I put the small water bowl magnet (5 cm) under the blanket, where I kept the puppies and every time Fiona went to feed them, she lay down so that her nose was pointing at the magnet although she didn´t see where it was. I changed the magnet´s place and sure enough, she always turned so that her nose was pointing to it. After that I started to keep the magnetic mats under the whole litter. When I compare Milla and Fiona, Fiona had much more milk for her puppies and she fed them happily up to the 8 weeks when they moved to their new homes. We kept one puppy, Eva, and she was being breast fed even after that. Eva is the liveliest poodle puppy we have ever had. She is so full of life that I call her our Hurricane. After Fiona finally stopped breast feeding the last pup, she was her old self in no time at all. I will certainly use the magnetic mats, water magnets and other magnets to ensure the wellbeing of all our dogs at all times because there was a notable difference in using them.
The easiest magnets to use are the water bowl magnets, because you just put them into the dog´s water bowl and that´s it. You will notice that after your dog has got past the fact that there is something in the water (in the beginning, you can take out the magnet before serving the water), he will love to drink the magnetic water. At my grooming studio, I have a water bowl with a magnet in it and most dogs go straight to the bowl and take a drink from it. The water draws the dogs like a magnet to the water and of course it is very good that they drink lots of fresh water. You will also notice that the water stays fresh and clear longer!


The small water bowl magnet (approx. 5 cm), Ordering code: 2135 / 35€

Our Border Collies have magnets on their collar/leash at all times because I have noticed that since I started to use them, their muscles are not so cramped after a day´s work herding sheep. They also love the magnetic water. All our dogs seem happier with the magnets so I really want to recommend them for all dogs. You are welcome to visit our web shop, which is in several languages, if you would like to try out the magnets yourself.

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