Emil moved to live in with my mum when he was two years old because at the moment she didn´t have a dog to take walks with. This was the start of an exceptional story in more ways than one. At the time we didn´t know that so many people in the world would be missing him after he was gone. For example, I don´t know of any other dog that was able to stop the traffic in the centre of Helsinki early in the morning, when it was still dark. When Emil was taking his morning walk, the lights would turn green, then red, then green and again red while people in their cars were just watching him in awe go by. Emil was a sight to see I must admit. He looked like an Indian Chief with his thick black hair tied up with blue rubber bands standing straight up because his coat was coarse as horse hair and jet black as long as he lived. He had the easiest coat to keep in shape. He didn´t turn out to be a very good walking partner for mum beause after moving to the country house, he saw no reason to walk endlessly to nowhere when he could be running aroung the yard at his own leisure. Emil was a gentle family dog, who ”went to work” to shows when necessary. At the shows he took his work seriously and actually enjoyed people clapping when it was his turn to perform. At three years he was chosen Best in Show in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki at the spectacular Finnish Toy Dog Association Show. This was the first moment, when it occurred to us that we might have an interesting time ahead of us with Emil. After that he was Best of Breed at most of the shows he took part in. There have been so many wonderful moments in and out of the show ring. One of the most memorable evenings was the Champion of Champions event, when we dressed in evening gowns and Emil had glitter all over his coat. It was quite extraordinary that a dog can enjoy himself so much as Emil did that evening.

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Emil knew how to take control of his space in the ring. The more people showed their appreciation, the better posture he had while performing at shows. Somehow he would always know when it was the last ring to do his thing because he would just go wild with happiness, when it was over because he knew it was time to go home where he could do what he wanted. Running after rabbits and sea gulls was a favourite sport.

There were many sides to Emil. At the shows he did his job like a professional and at home he had his own happy world. I am very happy that he has been able to pass on also his wonderful personality to many of his children and their children.