I have been thinking about opening my own grooming salon for quite a while but somehow too many other things have taken priority. Since I moved to the village of Box in Raasepori, my life has been a ”three ring circus”. On top of still working in Helsinki, I have also worked in Salo a couple of days a week, had customers come to my home and also gone to trim dogs at people´s homes. As if this wasn´t enough, there were also my own dogs, about a 100 sheep, my small daughter and husband needing a bit of time from me on a daily basis (not necesarily in that order) .

trimmaamo-088-300x199Now all this will change – I hope and believe. My new grooming salon opened in the centre of Salo 1st of July 2014. Now I serve all my customers there and in addition I have more time to plan different trainings and lectures, which can be carried out at Box Gård in Raasepori, the salon or anywhere else if someone wants to organize a special session. We have premises at Box for people to stay the night (see www.boxtours.com). I welcome all suggestions concerning what type of trainings people would like to attend. One of the first trainings we had was a dog handling training and a trimming training for beginners. We teach how to clip a dog´s nails on every course because that seems to be a problem for many dog owners. I´m hoping that little by little people will stop wrestling with their dogs during this procedure and also that they won´t trouble vets with this minor procedure. It is very easy for everyone to learn to clip their own dog´s nails without agony.

It is my pleasure to tell you that there are also other professional trimmers, who have a long and successful careers with grooming and dogs in their own right. These wonderful people are Dog Experts and also my friends, with whom I have had the pleasure to work with for years. I am very happy that they want to work in my salon with me.

At the same time I was able to finish my little book for each and every dog owner. Along the way I have collected stories about different problems that people have had with their dogs. Now you will find some of the stories, which I hope will help you to ”speak dog” better and enjoy your dogs company even more and with less stress.

Download your own copy of Mona´s Handbook for Dog Owners called HOW TO HAVE RELAX, HAVE FUN AND WIN from these pages.